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Atlanta Electric Scooter Injuries

There are several electric scooter rental companies (e.g., Bird, Lime, Spin) in Atlanta. While riding an electric scooter can be fun and even convenient, injuries can easily occur if a rider is struck by a vehicle. If you're injured while riding an e-scooter, an experienced scooter accident attorney can help you. An experienced electric scooter attorney will fully understand the law while guiding you through the personal injury process.

Georgia Electric Scooter Laws

Georgia law is constantly evolving around these new electronic scooters. Electric scooters are a new affordable, eco-friendly rideshare option. Because of this newness, riders may lack familiarity with operating e-scooters. Furthermore, motorists and pedestrians are also growing accustomed to seeing e-scooters on the roads. Coupled together, these factors can lead to serious accidents. O.C.G.A. § 40-1-1(28) defines these electric scooters as "mopeds." As such, electronic scooters are held to the following laws:

  • Riding an electric scooter requires a learner's permit or driver's license;

  • No insurance is required for the electric scooter;

  • Electric scooters do not require registration;

  • An electric scooter rider is held to virtually all of the same laws as a motorist, i.e., speed limit, direction of travel, and obeying traffic signals;

  • The prohibition against driving under the influence applies to electric scooter operators;

  • Atlanta prohibits renting or riding an electric scooter between 9PM and 4AM;

  • A helmet is not currently required to ride an electric scooter; and

  • In some areas, electric scooter speed limits reduce to eight miles per hour.

You always want to follow all applicable traffic laws. Electric scooter riders are afforded less protection than a car, which makes riders vulnerable to more severe injuries than in a car accident.

No Electric Scooters on Sidewalks

In Georgia, it is illegal to ride an electric scooter on the sidewalk. If you walk with the scooter on the sidewalk, it is permissible under Georgia because the rider is considered a pedestrian.

One Rider Per Electric Scooter

While many people find it fun to ride an electric scooter with a friend, it is both unsafe and unlawful to have more than one person on a scooter.

No Texting While Using an Electric Scooter

Operating an electric scooter with even a cell phone in your hand is illegal. Taking a picture, texting, using social media, or even making a call is strictly prohibited.

Obey Local Parking Laws

Please do not leave the scooter just anywhere. Local parking regulations must be followed with the electronic scooter.

Do not park an electric scooter where it will obstruct:

  • Traffic access or road signs;

  • Pedestrian access;

  • Wheelchair access;

  • Bike lanes;

  • Loading zones;

  • Driveways or other parking areas; or

  • Fire hydrants.

Injured In an Electric Scooter Accident? Contact an Experienced Scooter Accident Attorney

If you believe you have an electric scooter injury case, we'll be happy to provide a FREE Consultation. The McPhillip Firm can help you. Call us 24 hours/7 days a week at (404) 999-5LAW.

You can also visit us online at and use our Free Case Evaluation Form.

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